Designed and constructed in Spain by Ana Alemany and Clara Ropero, Nude Label takes basic to the next level through a flawless combination of classic lines and modern material. These uniquely simple pieces are created to accentuate the natural beauty of a woman’s form through the use of soft cotton, a balanced color palette and conscious craftsmanship. Today Lisa Says Gah brings you a little chat with the dynamic duo behind the brand. Enjoy! 

Image via Grit Magazine

Image via Grit Magazine

Image via Grit Magazine

Image via Grit Magazine

LSG: What does sensual mean to you?

Sensual for us means to be comfortable and confident in your own skin.

LSG: What are your favorite pieces from the collection? What makes it special?

The Cut Out bra is our signature piece. It is an item that you can wear for every day life and fits really well to different kinds of bodies. We wear ours almost every day. :)

LSG: Describe your personal style and how it influenced the brand.

 Minimal and basic. We both feel really comfortable in basics. Plain t-shirts, skinny black jeans, and jumpers are essentials in our wardrobe. We mix them together with some special items that give us personality. 

 LSG: What does a normal work day look like for you?

First thing we do in the morning is make a “to-do list” so we can make sure that at the end of the day everything has been done. After this, we go through the mail with a coffee in our hand. The rest of the day really depends on the stage we are in. Some days we spend the afternoon preparing orders, while others are focused on production and so on.

LSG: Tell me about your studio/ creative space?

Both of us work together in a lovely house-studio close to the city center. The space is bright and quite big. We are sharing it with a girl working in fashion too, a guy who lives in the house, and a black cat we adopted a few months ago. Since we spend a lot of time at the studio together we all have become very good friends. The good company makes the long days of work easier.

LSG: How do you unwind?

It is difficult to disconnect when working on fashion and especially when you are the business owner. To unwind we have different activities. Ana is into pottery, while Clara enjoys swimming. Apart from this, we both enjoy the company of our friends and family on weekends.

LSG: What are your favorite places to shop/eat/drink in your town?

Ruzafa is our favorite neighborhood in Valencia. It is an area full of bars, restaurants and interesting stores. 

Now time to unwind! x Ana & Clara

LSG: Your brand is based in Spain. How does your environment inspire your creative process?

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

We are based in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is a very sunny and calm place where we can work peacefully and focus on our brand.

LSG: What is your background? Did you study design?

We met at Uni in Spain where we both studied fashion design. After graduating we moved to London where we specialized in different areas of fashion. Ana focused in production while Clara continued to study marketing and communications.

The idea of starting a project together came to us while we were in London. We started to develop the idea of the brand with the core values of The Nude Label. When we had the concept clear we decided to move back to Spain. We started looking for fabrics and started working on designs with our producers.

LSG: What made you pursue designing lingerie? How did you get here?

We decided to get into underwear as we feel like there was a lack of basic and nice underwear in the market, we just wanted to wear underneath the same kind of clothes that we were wearing on the top.

LSG: Do you have a specific girl in mind when designing?

We don’t have any specific girl that we design for. We design pieces that we would like to wear.