Take us back to the conception of your Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Can you tell us about the design process?

This first collection came from a need for me to have swimsuits I wanted to wear. It's selfish, but totally true. I'm busty, so I wanted to make suits that accommodated my 32Ds, but didn't look matronly, and would work for a small bust as well. I have worked a lot as a swimwear designer, and for each client I created styles that reflected their brand, but until now they haven't really been “me," so with Sidway I finally made it what I would actually want to wear.


Can you use three words to describe Sidway Swim? 

Feminine, bold, and silky—and I see our girl as being driven, sexy, and chic. She loves art, she thinks for herself, and she knows what she wants. 


What inspires you the most about swimwear?

Swimwear is a special to me, it represents sexiness and leisure. When you're wearing a swimsuit, you're usually on vacation, and you want to feel sexy—you want to get the right kind of attention. Creating styles that can make a woman feel good about her body is really important to me. 


What void did you see in the industry that made you want to start your own line? 

I realized the few swimsuits I actually wanted to buy for myself were over $300 and I couldn't justify that, so I set out to make the swimwear that I wanted to buy. Sexy, classic, fashion-focused, and within a more approachable price point.


We know how much you love DTLA and you’re one of our go-tos for recs in the area. Can you tell us about your studio space and neighborhood? How does your community influence your collections?

Our neighborhood is home to countless fashion brands, fabric stores, and showrooms, but you really have to walk a lot, so I see these super chic women walking around in more practical versions of what you would see in more car friendly areas. It's kind of the same with our swim—I want to feel like a super hot babe, but I don't want it be fussy or uncomfortable.


Mignon — Brie & Fig Baguette Sandwich is my favorite.

PYT — Fresh pressed juice in cocktails! 

The Exchange Restaurant — Colorful Israeli food 

Rossoblu — A luxe dining experience in the fashion district.

Birds & Bees — "Healthy" cocktails... one has matcha.

Maccheroni Republic — The best handmade pasta! 

The Springs — Great for daytime meetings and awesome vegan food.

Los Angeles Athletic Club — The best hotel and place to workout. Swim laps in their Olympic sized indoor pool. Fun fact, the series Mad Med was previously shot here.


We also love your personal style aesthetic. What inspires your personal style aesthetic? 

I find myself really drawn to the early '90s. The sexiness of a tight white t-shirt and classic 501s with a messy, strong brow, and a red orange lip. 


You recently went on a month-long travel journey. What inspired you within your travels and will we see that in your next collection?

Going to so many different cities in such a short span of time made it really easy to see how each city's style was so strongly engrained in the culture. Even though many cities have the same stores and generally the same clothes available to buy, the way they were styled was always unique to the city they lived in. Paris was so effortless and chic, the women were all so beautifully under-dressed but still had so much poise. I was also really inspired by the colors in Marrakech—it was there that I started to think about which brighter colors I want to use for resort and spring.


Do you have a 2017 mantra? 

This year I want to say “no" more and “sorry" less. I'm done apologizing to mannequins when I bump into them and I need to stop saying yes to things I really don't want to do!