Sarah Kissell, Jewelry Designer, Pure Magenta

 You're familiar with the squiggle design currently gracing many an avant-garde item, right? Well, we have Sarah Kissell, the multitalented Art Director behind Pure Magenta to thank for that quirky thought-provoking symbol. This lady single-handedly revived the energetic squiggle, popular a few decades ago, and made it more than relevant. So relevant in fact, that we now have the pleasure of blinging out our lobes in her new Squigg Earrings. Today Lisa Says Gah gets the scoop on this wild creative and her mysterious interests - heads up, you may find yourself oddly interested in white contact lenses by the end. Enjoy!  

LSG: What inspires your new jewelry line? Why squiggles?!

Sarah Kissell, my namesake jewelry line started as an experiment and extension of my daytime work as an Art Director. Initially, I wanted an opportunity to play with elements tried and true to my personal vision, but brought to life in 3D and rich materials. The line is a playful expression inspired by proportion, severity, and the spirit of the 1980s. It's still an infant concept, but will experiment mainly with shape, scale and gold. 

Squiggles have become an unintentional mark of my identity. It’s a commonly found gesture in the design world, which over the years became a signature of mine—so much so I decided to put it permanently on my body. I enjoy the mark for its ups and downs, its exact yet free nature, similar to life in a way—constantly in progress and to be determined.

LSG: What do you do when not making really cool art and earrings?

I spend my daytime as an Art and Creative Director. For the last four years, I was the founding Art Director at Nasty Gal, based in Los Angeles. When I’m not working on crafting brand identities, I spend a lot of time on my manicures. Like creating jewelry, my nails have become another accessory and devoted extension to my identity. I’m a minimalist at heart, so I pay special attention to the small details. 

LSG: Current bizarre obsession? 

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an abundant amount of bizarre obsessions. Writing about them makes them less bizarre, though, so let’s just leave a little mystery as my mother always said. Currently, I’m obsessed with latex clothing and desperately wish I could pull off wearing white contact lenses. 

LSG: What's next?

I’m currently working on a fetish Ikebana video series called Seeking Arrangements with my friend Scott Grover. My day job requires me to be on point, leaving little to no room for error, so I like to use my personal time to experiment, test, and play. Often time our industry places too much emphasis on the result rather than process, so I’m enjoying the project as an opportunity to make for the time being. 

I’m continuing to expand conceptually and working on adding more shapes to the jewelry collection, which will reveal itself slowly as I’m in the progress of an exciting move to NYC.