Model Call - Q&A with LSG Ambassador Emily Labowe

Emily Labowe is our lovely lady of the moment. Beautiful, interesting women like her are a big part of what helps LSG create artful imagery and show off the designs we curate for you. More than just a pretty face, today Emily has a quick chat with us about life in LA. Enjoy!

LSG: First thing on your mind when you wake up?


LSG: What are your favorite beauty products?

Cetaphil lotion? Does that count? And CK One perfume, oh and Jason Chamomile body wash. 

LSG: What’s your sign? Do you care about astrology?

Leo. I used to be obsessed with astrology, but not as much. But I do own the Astrotwins book...

LSG: Five things for an exciting day?  

Sushi, Disneyland, massage, mint chip ice cream, air hockey. 

LSG: What’s typical night out like for you?

Staying at home. 

LSG: Describe your ideal vacation?

Thailand, young coconuts, pad thai. 

LSG: Favorite supermodel?


LSG: Guilty pleasure?

GUY FIERI and sour candy.

LSG: What superpower would you choose?


LSG: What do you do when not hanging out with LSG?

I go to school and study social anthropology and film. I also work as an intern at the  Sundance International Feature Film Program and was recently signed with M Model Management! 


LSG: Time for a “Lady brag” - describe a proud moment.

I played tambourine on stage at a show with my boyfriend's band. This was a big moment. 

LSG: What should we do while in LA?  

Go on a hike at Runyan Canyon and then grab coffee at Dinosaur in Silver Lake. Then go shopping at Mohawk General. For lunch, step in Blossom next door for a big bowl of chicken pho and fresh Vietnamese summer rolls. I would say check out Amoeba Records but you already have one in SF so instead, go to LACMA and check out the Rain Room. Start the evening rollerskating at Moonlight Rollerway and eat a bunch of sour straws, then get drinks at Bar Stella (get the "Sophia"), and then go across town to Gjelina in Venice for a late night dinner. Finally, go to Humphreys for frozen yogurt, it's a valley monument and its amazing. You'll be in a food coma by now so go to sleep. 

LSG: Embarrassing moment?

Yesterday. I saw someone I thought I knew at a bar coming towards me and I reached my arms out for a big hug. When he got closer, I realized he was looking at me really weird and was actually going to say hello to the person behind me. But it was too late to back out, so I went for it anyways and gave him a hug -  he didn't say anything he just stood there really awkwardly, and I ran away. 

LSG: Current music mood?

Courtney Barnett, Beach House, Ty Segall, Christopher Owens, Bleached, Mac Demarco, No Parents 

LSG: First fashion memory?

The first day of school in first grade. I spilled ketchup all over my new dress, and I was so depressed I pretended I was sick so I could go home early. 

LSG: What is your personal style most influenced by?

Lately my boyfriend. I live in all of his sweaters and old tees, even his trousers, I love how they fit. Also, 90s Liv Tyler and Mazzy Star. 

LSG: What do you like about the LSG outfits you are wearing?

I love everything! Especially the Caron Callahan pantsuit and the MiH white pants. The high waist is so flattering, and the wide leg is super airy and comfortable!