It sounds crazy, but if you've used it, you know it works like a charm! We've all experienced that awful moment when our favorite silver piece is no longer silver! It's true, silver tends to tarnish and needs regular cleaning. Unfortunately, most silver polishes on the market are super toxic, but this DIY trick is so harmless, you can put it in your mouth - and hopefully do, twice a day! When it comes to sterling, at first, the tarnish is yellowish, but then it turns to brown and after a while, black. As it gets darker, the tarnish becomes more difficult to remove, so forget about your pearly whites for a second and put that paste to another use!


Put a little toothpaste on an old toothbrush or small cloth and rub the jewelry until you start to see the tarnish melting away. Rinse with tap water and finish by polishing with a dry cloth. Now cover yourself in shiny jewelry and don't get mugged!

Make sure you use plain toothpaste. Whitening agents might damage your jewelry. Also, no gel toothpaste! Leave a comment if you have any tips for jewelry care to share. Happy polishing!!