Crafted for individuals making bold statements in both life and wardrobe, this progressive line of clean and minimal designs has been continually morphing since its launch in 2006. Just Female is based out of Copenhagen and successfully blends elements of both Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics while highlighting the soul of each chosen material. Today Lisa Says Gah finds out more about the people who bring you the brand. Enjoy!

LSG: Where are you based? How does your environment inspire your creative process?

Just Female is based in Copenhagen – right by the industrial harbor. The big open office space and the bike ride to work along the seafront inspires us creatively to work with the architecture and nature around us.

LSG:  What is your background? Did you study design?

Mia, the designer, studied design at The Royal Danish Academy. Coming from an extremely diverse background Mia doesn’t hesitate to use color and to create prints that really stand out. She is extremely fixated around materials and their importance. Silks, viscose, tencel, denim and shearling are her favorite to work with.

LSG: What made you pursue designing clothes? How did you get here?

At the age of nine Mia found herself at the library bookshelf with the fashion magazines and books and she kept coming back ever since. After High School she entered a pre-design school and was later accepted to the Royal Danish Academy School of Design. During her studies she lived in Japan and interned at companies in Stockholm and London.

LSG: Do you have a specific girl in mind when designing?

The Just-girl is edgy and cool. She’s not afraid of wearing matching 2 piece sets or making a bold statement in maxi-length trenchcoats. She values quality and finesse on raw styles like the Chin Shearling Jacket.

LSG: What are your favorite pieces from the collection? What makes it special?

Favorite pieces right now coming up for the summer drop is the Afrodite Dress and the cool Ziggy Long Shorts. The dress really is a perfect throw on for Summer with a pair of new sneakers and the long shorts are just a wardrobe stable with a loose black top for nights out and a regular white tee for those summer days.

LSG: Describe your personal style and how it influenced the brand.

In general we think of our personal style is uncomplicated and easy to wear and something you can use for work. With a change of shoes you can wear for a dinner in the afternoon.

LSG: What does a normal work day outfit look like for you?

A pair of jeans and a cool knit jumper, or a jersey tee.

LSG: Tell me about your studio/ creative space?

We work together in a team, sitting quite close together with a beautiful view of the sea. We have all our lovely garments very close to us so we can work very easy with it and develop the best styles always keeping the mood of the season in mind.

LSG: How do you unwind?

By cooking at home for family and friends. Right now Japanese food is what is trending in the kitchen, but next up is some Turkish dishes we tried on our last trip to Turkey.

LSG: What are your favorite places to shop/eat/drink in your town?

We love coffee at Just Female and always go to Original Coffee in Copenhagen. They are located a few different places, but the one in Bredgade is our favorite. We love nights out and at the moment we are sooo into Mexican food- and Condesa is where you have to go. And it turns into a club-like feel once dinner is finished.  We all love shopping, and for the most part the shop shoes – Notabene for amazing cool boots and Naked for the best sneakers!