Melissa Bon, Singer


Paris-based singer Melissa Bon is the French girl we've all dreamt of becoming. From her hauntingly charming voice to her minimal, poised appearance, she's one of those women you automatically want to know. Maybe it's in her melodies, maybe it's in her eyes—there's something mysteriously sound about her, which is precisely why we sat down the beauty herself. From her earliest musical memories to her ever-changing daily moments, here's an introduction to one of our favorite muses.

What are your earliest memories connected to music? Was it always running through your veins?

I wouldn’t consider it being my first memory because I can’t really remember, but my parents told me that I used to sing along Disney movies when I wasn’t even able to speak yet!  I’ve always been very sensitive about music, but I didn’t realize how important it was to me until I turned thirteen.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I did an audition for the Phil Collins foundation at fifteen—it was the first time I performed on stage.  At nineteen, I moved to Paris to study music, but my real entrance in the industry was last year when I started writing my own music for my album that I’m currently recording!

What albums will you always be inspired by and what albums did you love most in 2016?

I'll always love  Diamond Life by Sade,  One In A Million by Aaliyah,  Overgrown  by James Blake, Is Your Love Big Enough by Lianne La Havas, and  If You Wait  by London Grammar. Solange's album  A Seat at the Table  was my major musical crush in 2016. I admire her a lot, as a singer, writer, and style-wise.

Along with musical inspirations, we love your style. How would you describe it and do you feel like it's related to your music in any way?

Minimalism is as much in my style than in my music. I like to keep it genuine and simple.

Tell us your favorite part about living in Paris?

7 pm,  wine time!


For those that haven’t been, what do you love most about the city?

I love the atmosphere that revolves around the city and how inspiring it can be—having dinner in typical french bistro or walking by La Seine at night. We tend to take for granted what’s around us, but the streets of Paris never cease to amaze me.

You’ve spoken publicly about your decision to wear you hair natural. Can you tell us how liberating that experience has been?

I battled for a long time to change the nature of my hair and honestly, it was pretty exhausting. I recently decided to end that war and let my hair breathe again. I’m so happy with the result and feel like I gained another form of confidence. It is effortless and liberating as you said!

On a typical morning, what do you do? Do you have a routine or does it change constantly?

I’d say that it changes constantly, one day I’ll have to wake up very early for a studio session, the next I’ll try to stay in bed because I worked on some music all night. It is pretty hard to have a routine.


If there was one piece of advice you would give yourself right now, what would it be?

To trust your instincts, they rarely fail you!

As LSG, we're all about women joining together. How has a woman inspired and helped you?

A woman who indirectly helped me was someone very close, that went through a rough sickness. Her strength and positivity taught me to complain less about any struggle I could go through and cherish a little more of what I have.

Top 5 places in Paris:

  • Jardin Des Plantes in the 5th arrondissement

  • Place Des Vosges in the 4th arrondissement

  • Cafe Charlot

  • Nanashi Bento Bar

  • Chez Joesphine Restaurant


Interview: Zarna Surti  Design: Alaia Manley

Interview: Zarna Surti

Design: Alaia Manley