Emily & Laura Schubert, Fur

If you've recently spent time scouring the annals of Instagram or perusing the pages of an alternative fashion mag, you've probably gotten the memo - body hair is back. The signature tuffs and muffs of the 70's have risen again as symbols of self-acceptance and defiance of norms. Gone, it seems, are the days of rampant removal and in place, a movement of women caring for and cultivating healthy hair "down there." While this step away from the razor does have ties to trend, it can also be seen as an important social acceptance of choice. And that's exactly what Emily and Laura Schubert are hoping to cater to with their new no-nonsense line of chic pubic products cleverly titled "Fur." Unlike anything else out there, Fur Oil and Stubble Cream are both encased in elegant packaging and subtly scented with natural essential oils - a beautiful addition to anyone's daily beauty ritual. After deciding to stock our virtual shelves with this product we just knew we had to get to know the sister team behind the line, so today Lisa Say Gah brings you a chat with the pubic hair care pioneers themselves. Enjoy!

LSG: Hey, Emily and Laura! Tell us about Fur Oil and Fur Stubble Cream! Where did the idea come from and what took it from an idea to reality?

Emily: Frankly, I was looking for this product for myself, and it did not exist. So I went to my sister Laura about it.

Laura: Emily came to me asking if I had ever heard of any products for pubic hair, and clearly I had not.  We spent a few months researching pubic hair grooming and found that every product and service focused on removal. Not only that, these products were unsophisticated (pink, purple, glitter), did not feature natural ingredients, and coyly referred to the “bikini”.  At that point, I started researching and calling chemists.  It took a year to develop the formulation and launch the products.

LSG: What were the two of you doing/what industry were you in before launching Fur? How do you see experience informing your current endeavors?

Laura: Before Fur, I was a management consultant in a variety of industries.  This experience primarily taught me to be fearless, especially in terms of reaching out to strangers.  If you don’t know the answer to a question, call someone who does!

Emily: I started to do special effects makeup at sixteen and have been working in film ever since. What has always fascinated me about makeup for film, is building a character - finding the character identity.

I also worked for L’Uomo Vogue fashion editor Rushka Bergman for about a year and a half. Ms. Bergman exhibits a timeless style and equally timeless passion for what she does. During my time with her, I started to think of the extents of style and how personal it is, as well as how it applies to the beauty industry. There is no “one size fits all” thing happening.

LSG:  Would you say that Fur products represent a movement or lifestyle? Who is the woman who incorporates your product into her beauty regime?

Laura: Fur is a product for women and men – we all have pubic hair!  Fur users are people who want more options in grooming, beyond just removal.  They want to care for their hair and skin for a few seconds every day using natural ingredients, regardless of how often they visit the salon.  Fur represents a more relaxed way to take care of pubic hair and skin.

Emily: I would echo Laura on this one and say that it is for anyone with pubic hair, man or woman. It's for what it says it’s for. Very straight forward. I guess it represents a movement of being up front and elegant with what is occurring naturally.

LSG: What does the open discussion and promotion of pubic hair mean in today's social climate? Do you connect Fur to feminism?

Laura:  Fur is definitely for open discussion of pubic hair, but promotion is too strong a word.  We have Fur Oil and Stubble Cream, depending on how you choose to groom.  We are feminists in that we hope to empower women and men to make their own choices about how they groom, as opposed to succumbing to a sense of expectation, whatever that may be.

Emily: I believe Fur is inherently feminist in that it is not just for women, it is for a specific purpose regardless of gender. It is a high-quality product that does not operate on fear and shame but rather confidence and care.

LSG: What do you think is driving women's renewed appreciation of their body hair? Is it a trend?

Laura: I hope it’s not a trend – the modern person should decide how to groom.  This can change with the seasons, the stage you find yourself in life, your current partner, etc. but it should not be from a sense of what’s “in” or “out.”  We hope that body hair is no longer trend-driven at all and is more like head hair – how long your hair grows completely separate from how you take care of it.

Emily: I think beauty is leaning towards care in general. I see this trend in skincare and makeup as well. The Glossier tagline “Skin first, makeup second” comes to mind. Take care of what comes naturally to you first, and then style as you see fit. No one is telling anyone what to do here; I like to think of this as a timeless attitude.

LSG: You have crafted a brand that goes beyond body products, the presentation of Fur products seems very tied to fashion. Can you tell us about the connection?

Laura: We feel less tied to fashion than to style and in particular to what is timeless, elegant and always chic.  We feel that taking care of yourself is all of these things.

Emily: The fur packaging is meant to reference vintage perfume packaging. The idea of a glamorous bottle your grandmother might have used, but this time, it contains a modern product. The sexiness of watching someone getting ready to go out, putting on lipstick in the mirror. The ceremony that is taking care of yourself, using and wearing products that you feel reflects your attitude at that moment. I would say that is the connection.

LSG: Are you planning on expanding the line? What can we expect next?

Laura: We are launching a new product in May – stay tuned!  But we have many other products in the works as well.

LSG: Other then Fur, of course, what other beauty products are permanent members of your personal collections?

Laura: Pond’s cold cream - nothing better than taking the day off and getting into bed!  I also wash my face with Clinique bar soap, the same kind I bought with my mother at the department store counter growing up.  And Nars Dragon Girl for a strong red lip.

Emily: Definitely dry shampoo, always and forever. My favorite is Oscar Blandi pronto. That, and a tinted face cream with a high SPF, I like Dr. Jartt.

LSG: Five daily rituals for beauty inside and out?

Laura: Sleep, water, exercise, home cooked food – and no gossip!

Emily: Uhhh… uh oh. I have been trying to sleep more. I would probably say passion. Being passionate about what you are doing and having a good sense of humor about it. Sleeping in a French braid!

Interview: Olivia La Roche  Design: Alaia Manley

Interview: Olivia La Roche

Design: Alaia Manley