Designer Spotlight: The Skirt Chronicles Volume II


Take us back to the conception of the Skirt Chronicles Volume II. Can you tell us about the creative process?


The second volume of The Skirt Chronicles takes us on a trip outside of Paris. This volume has to do with vacation, specifically Italy and Japan. We see a lot of common themes between Japan and Italy; the ancestral tradition of crafts skills still celebrated today, and attention to detail and of course, the delicious food!


Three words to describe the Skirt Chronicles Volume II? Who do you envision reading the magazine?

A delicious, colorful, and a remedy!

Our goal with The Skirt Chronicles is to address a large readership, not excluding anyone. Because every piece is made with passion, no matter the subject our readers should find resonance with that commitment. From the Joan Juliet Buck interview by Christopher Niquet to the illustrated narrative by Joana Avillez, and the horoscope at the end of the volume, everyone should find something to enjoy.


Tell us about your studio space and neighborhood. How does your community influence the magazine?

We don’t have a studio space yet but we designated one of our apartments as the official office, often finishing a day of work sitting on the floor where all the best ideas appear. We’re so lucky to have many talented and dear friends to count on and count as contributors. As well as those that we admire, or connect within a digital sphere, that we can later include in our physical world. The Skirt Chronicles family is growing day by day.


What were some of the challenges you faced when launching the magazine? 

As we are a printed publication our biggest challenge is realizing the physical object. We all come from a world of creating content, but we are still learning the fascinating craft of printing. From choosing paper, to photo scaling, we have and continue to enjoy this aspect of the project. 


Do you have a 2018 mantra you want to live by? What were you passionate about this year and what are you looking forward to next year? 

More than a mantra we have the desire to see all genders live peacefully together. As 2017 was the birth of The Skirt Chronicles our passion derived from this mission, and to see more publications addressing important, relevant issues.