Team Feature: Kara Thomas


The Lisa Says Gah in-house design is new this year. How and when did you land this job? 


An unsolicited email last September. The subject read “GAH Girl - Inspired By What You Do,” attached with my portfolio and cover letter. In my second interview, I submitted a technical design package, including a mood board, color pallet, and an illustration. Eight months later we launched the in-house line!



Describe your job at LSG. What's a typical day look like?

I design and manage production and sourcing for the in-house line. I also create graphics for the site from the blog, newsletters, to marketing products. Because I am handling many moving parts, each day is different from the last. Today I sourced lace trim, updated our SS18 shoe proto sample, submitted the SS18 color pallet, and finalized the graphics of our print newspaper- coming soon!


Did you study design? What were the steps you took to get to this position?

I received my BFA in Apparel Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. Post graduation, I interned at Anthropologie working in the design department. I then transitioned into a less glamorous but highly educational job that was production and manufacturing focused. Now I have a happy mix of design and production.


What's the first thing you do when you get in the gah-ffice?

If I'm not stopping at the factory or pattern maker's office, I'll grab an iced vanilla coffee and check anything urgent in my inbox.


The office is located in the SoMa district in San Francisco. What is your morning commute routine?

I ride BART every day, and if I’m not chatting with my partner on the way, I’m listening to music or a podcast. I’m a huge fan of Radiolab. I also love Reply All from Gimlet Media.


What's in your bag? Any Essentials?

A computer, glasses, wallet, and probably a random proto sample, swatch card, or, like today, a bag of buttons. 


How do you keep yourself organized? 

To-do lists and Google docs galore! I believe open communication and flexibility are what keep me organized and allow me to make realistic goals and deadlines.


What's the design process like?

About six months prior to the launch date, it begins with a mood board and color pallet. Once the vision is finalized, the fabric is sourced to pair back to my technical sketches. The Siena Top started with a design I drew by hand, whereas the Collette Top started with a vintage piece that was reworked to have a modern fit. Once we have our technical sketch and technical package we move into pattern development, fitting the proto samples. After the samples are approved, production begins! 


What's unique about the LSG label?

The community that supports the label is one of a kind. It is because of our intelligent and conscious customers the label stays true to an ethical core. Creating relationships with the artisans that make it possible is a key part of the process. 


Advice for someone wanting a job like yours?

Never stop creating.


5 things you can't live without? 

1. My adopted hound dog, Comet 

2. My partner, Max

3. Anything involving sun and outdoor activities with above mentioned

4. Iced Coffee if that wasn't obvious

5. My Record Collection