Designer Spotlight: Georgia Jay


1. First off! Take us back to the conception of your Holiday collection. Can you tell us about the design process? 


Our mood board for the holiday season was based on exploring color and texture of various materials. This season we have evolved to include canvas and wood alongside our staple leather, suede, and brass. Our two significant leather colors for this collection are a very soft pale peach that sits alongside a dirty deep rhubarb- feminine with gritty sculptural undertones.



Three words to describe the Georgia Jay Holiday collection? Who do you envision wearing your pieces?

Fun, unfussy, delicious! 

We love the diversity of woman who collects our pieces! It's the uncomplicated designs and subtle quirks that our customer come back for. They also have an emotional connection to our design and company ethos enjoying the intimacy of our in-house and made to order methods.


Tell us about your studio space and neighborhood. How does your community influence your collections?

We have an open studio/store in central Auckland. It's a studio workspace and a store. We stock local woman designers. I love to support these friends by stocking their work in my space! I feel like it's these small communities of an independent, inspiring and creative woman who are influencing the way we see the value and find appreciation in the story behind what we buy. 


We know that design is only a small part of running your own business. What do you love most about your job that has nothing to do with design?

The independence and freedom that comes with running my own business is a perk but it' true that there are many things to learn along the way and continuous challenges. We are just a tiny team of 2 doing everything from design to making to running the business so it's 100% hands-on in every day with many roles to play! 


Do you have a 2018 mantra you want to live by? What were you passionate about this year and what are you looking forward to next year?

Our holiday collection was the first collection we created every piece entirely in-house, from the initial concepts to sampling. Continuously refining every design detail has been a huge creative development for us, which we feel defines us as a brand. And my most special moment this year has got to be sending out our first LSG order! It was a very special moment not only as it's our first international stockist but a store we've loved and admired dearly! 

For the new year, I am particularly excited to carry on the wooden accents and also play with other customised details to complement our pieces. We want to begin the new year having fun and taking a little bit more time to enjoy the development of our next phase, which may include a sales trip to the US. :)